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A computer/tablet or a smartphone with decent internet connection.
* Good in writing using the English language Diligent in reading and researching the topic required for the project * Good at following instructions * Self-sufficient and self-reliant * Good at time management * Open to constructive criticism and learns from mistakes
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Your payout depends on the number of factors: * Your team (Elite writers earn more than junior writers) * The scope of the assignment (Quantity, Wordcount, Specifications) * The current bonuses and perks of the company In a typical assignment, our freelance writers earn from P1-P10,000 in Philippine Pesos. In US Dollars: $1- $200 USD In Malaysian Ringgit: RM1 - RM800 In Indian Rupees: ₹1 - ₹14,000
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Available topics vary depending on what clients need. We receive orders for topics as simple as "House Cleaning" to something as complicated as "Quantum Physics". It’ll never be a dull list, and the choice is always yours to make.
Were you kinda hoping for 8-5? Nope. You can take on an assignment anytime you’re free and can manage your deadline. If you can only take an assignment during the weekends, that's fine. If you think you can only do them late at night, that’s fine, too! You choose your own schedule so that you can best manage your time and productivity.
If you have already registered an account, you can read the manual here. We update it from time to time. Majority of your questions can be answered just by reading the manual.
You can choose your preferred payment processor – we have a significantly varied list of major banks, online transfers, and remittances available, including Paypal! Choose whichever’s most convenient for you.
Only the management has access to your private information such as bank accounts. The rest can only see your "Username" and profile photo if you have one.
Be active, Research Well, Write Legibly. No need for magazine-quality content, but make sure your piece should be informative, brings value to readers and have minimal errors.
@_@ Many of our experienced freelance writers are now working in media, tech, publishing companies.